Price$ and Shipping

I have tried to set my prices as fairly as possible. If you are buying multiple photos then please e-mail me first

as these prices may not apply to you.

The price includes the cost of framing, matting, glass, backing and hanging hinges. The total price depends on

the photo you have chosen, since the prices vary somewhat.

Shipping and handling is separate and will depend on type of shipping, quantity, & how quickly you

need the purchased items.

If you have problems with any of my work please return the items to me within the first 30 days and

I will fix the problem at no charge (this of course excludes changing your mind after delivery, abusive wear and tear

or tampering with the frame, mat or photo).

Price For Prints Only:

Photo Print Size Approximate Price of print only*
5X7 $39-49
8X10 $69-79
11X14 $99-119
16X20 $159-189
20X30 $269-299

Prices for Framed & Matted Prints:

Photo Size Frame Size Frame Type Matting Price Range
5X7 8X10 Nantucket Double $79-89
8X10 11X14 Nantucket Double $119-129
11X14 16X20 Nantucket Double $169-$199
16X20 20X24 Nantucket Double $299-329
20X30 24X36 Various Double $479-579

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